Plugins collection for OpenWebRX+

My public plugins for OWRX+.
Every plugin has it’s own documentation.

receiver plugins

map plugins

load plugin

To load a plugin you need to create init.js file inside your openwebrx installation under htdocs/plugins/{type} folder. The {type} could be receiver or map as of the time of writing this info.
This could be one of the following folders or any other folder:

You can find the folder with this command:
find / -name openwebrx.js

You need to create/edit the init.js.
In the next example we will load receiver plugins.
First we need to create the init.js file:

OWRX_FOLDER=$(dirname `find / -name openwebrx.js`)
cd "$OWRX_FOLDER/plugins/receiver"
cp init.js.sample init.js
$EDITOR init.js

Use receiver/init.js.sample or map/init.js.sample file as a template.

Each of the locally installed plugins (if any) should be in its own sub-folder under $OWRX_FOLDER/plugins/{type}/ and should be loaded by its name. i.e. Plugins.load('layer_qth_maidenhead');.
The remote plugins should be loaded with direct url to the .js file. i.e. Plugins.load('');.


If you’re using Docker images, then bind-mount the plugins folder to your host system and follow the instructions above. More info can be found in my docker images.

hosting your plugins on github

If you want to host your plugins on Github, you will have to create Github Page over your repository. Finding the rest is up to you.


Use these plugins at your own risk. No warranty at all.
For support, you can find me (LZ2SLL) in the OWRX+ Telegram Chat or here.